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From new designs to text options, let me help explain some of the choices you have when creating your ketubah.

New Modern Ketubah designs

I am proud to announce these brand new ketubah designs, created from my latest fine art photography of nature. The Leaf Water Ketubah This ketubah is created from a photograph…  read more

New Modern Ketubahs for 2013

I am proud to announce six brand new ketubah designs for 2013. These ketubahs are all created from my fine art photography of dahlias, leaves, and even a sea shell.

New modern ketubah designs for 2012

I am proud to announce that I am offering a number of new, fresh, and I think beautiful ketubah designs for 2012. These ketubahs are all created from my fine…  read more

New color variations for The Petals Ketubah

The Petals Ketubah was one of the first ketubah designs I created, and year after year it has proven to be one of the most popular. Something about the soft…  read more

the inspiration behind my art

I recently wrote about inspiration on my fine art photography blog, and the comments there got me thinking some more on the subject. “Inspiration” is usually defined as the ideas…  read more

new design option for Autumn Gold ketubah

One of my customers emailed recently, wondering if my very popular Autumn Gold Ketubah (which is a vertical design) was also available as a horizontal version. They loved the imagery…  read more

Introducing the Evergreen Ketubah and the Sun Daisy Ketubah

I’d like to introduce to you two new ketubah designs I have created: the Evergreen Ketubah and the Sun Daisy Ketubah. Both of these modern ketubah designs are available in…  read more

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