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Every since my wife and I planned our own interfaith wedding, I’ve been fascinated by how beautiful these ceremonies can be.

More non-Jewish couples are getting a ketubah

J Weeky, the Jewish news weekly for Northern California, published an article about non-Jewish couples who are choosing to have a ketubah and featured Modern Ketubah, and our wonderful customers…  read more

Cherry-picking traditions for an interfaith wedding

I recently read a post by the bride Diorable as she described how she was planning her interfaith wedding. She talked about how they were choosing the traditions they would…  read more

How to decribe the ketubah in your wedding program

When you are planning an interfaith wedding, it’s a good idea to provide an explanation of the different traditions in your wedding program. This gives everyone the chance to understand…  read more

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams on his interfaith marriage

During an interview, Star Trek (and Lost) director J.J. Abrams had this to say about interfaith marriage: My wife is Irish Catholic and it’s a fascinating thing having married someone…  read more

Making an interfaith ketubah with Hebrew, English, and Latin

One thing I have learned is that every ketubah is unique. Each one takes on the personality of the couple who make it, through the design they select, the words…  read more

Video advice for interfaith weddings and Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben have put together a short video that gives interfaith couples some good basic advice when getting ready to plan their weddings. They say that…  read more

choosing a ketubah as part of a ‘flower ceremony’

Kim and Matthew wrote to me to describe why they chose my Autumn Gold ketubah, and to describe how they customized their interfaith wedding ceremony to fit their personalities: “One…  read more

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