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In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

New Modern Ketubah designs

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I am proud to announce these brand new ketubah designs, created from my latest fine art photography of nature.

The Leaf Water Ketubah

This ketubah is created from a photograph of a leaf floating down a quickly moving stream, as the light reflecting off the ripples in the water.

The Floating Ketubah

The Floating Ketubah

This ketubah features a photograph of a leaf, floating in the air as if caught in a sudden breeze.

The Sunflower Ketubah

The Sunflower Ketubah

This ketubah features an abstract photograph of the petals of a sunflower, moving like a flame.

The Winter Sea Ketubah

The Winter Sea Ketubah

This ketubah features a photograph of melting ice that creates the feeling of an ocean wave.

The Radiance Ketubah

The Radiance Ketubah

This very abstract ketubah features a photograph leaf that appears to be ablaze with the heat and colors of summer.

Michael and Zachary

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Michael and Zachary purchased the Iris Ketubah from me, and had this to share:

Your work is absolutely beautiful and we are honored to have this as apart of our wedding and document of our union together. We love our ketubah and everything looks beautiful. Thank you so much for putting this all together for us.

beautiful artist-made chuppahs

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I recently met (online) Sarah Resnick of Advah Designs, and wanted to share with you her beautiful work. Sarah makes some of the most original and artistic chuppahs I have ever seen. Each chuppah starts as an abstract painting, and gets transferred to linen or silk. The results are modern, fluid, and gorgeous designs that remind you of a Hermes scarf. I only wish she had been around when my wife and I got married 13 years ago — our chuppah was some dull rental, that I can even remember. I would much rather have had one of Sarah’s!

Chuppah from Advah Designs

Chuppah from Advah Designs

Sarah also just published an article on modern Judaica (with a shout out to me) in the Times of Israel, and kindly put a profile of Modern Ketubah on her blog. Please check out her work, and spread the word!

Cindy and Larry

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Cindy shared with my with she chose one of my ketubahs for her wedding:

I’m an artist myself… since I was a kid I’ve drawn and painted, but my passion has been photography since high school. I knew immediately that I wanted a photography-based ketubah so that we would display it like a piece of art in our home.‚Äč Yours just spoke to me….and then I was on your page and saw my sister’s ketubah in the photo gallery. It was a complete coincidence that I found you too… she got married 10 years ago! But from seeing her ketubah in her house for the past 10 years, I knew the quality of your work and I stopped looking for other options at that point.

Yes, even though it’s been 10 years, I still remember making her sister’s ketubah. It’s amazing how I can look back and remember so many details from the ketubahs I have made. And I love when I get the chance to make a ketubah for more than one member of the same family. It’s so great to feel like my art is part of a new family tradition.

But the best part is, Cindy shared the playlist the selected for their ceremony: it includes Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and even Led Zeppelin. That is, to put is simply, awesome.




Marriage is a right, love wins.

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Wonderful, amazing news from the Supreme Court. They have agreed that marriage is a Constitutional right available to all, regardless of sexual-orientation. This is major news for all couples, gay or straight, because it validates the idea that marriage is simply and purely about love and commitment between two people — it is between individuals, and it is not something that can be regulated or controlled by one group’s sense of morality or judgement. The Supreme Court’s ruling simply clarifies what common sense has been telling us all along: marriage is about love, pure and simple.

making ketubahs for 12 years!

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It’s hard to believe, but as of this past March, I have been creating ketubahs for twelve years. In that time I have met and worked with over 1,400 couples, and helped create a work of art for them that symbolizes one of the most important events in their lives. Couples from all sorts of backgrounds, experiences, religions and philosophies. I have made ketubahs with English, Hebrew, Spanish, Mandarin, and even Latin. I have made ketubahs for Jewish couples, interfaith couples, Christian couples, Quaker couples, same-sex couples, and many couples sharing 20, 30, and even 50 years of being together. It’s been an honor to be a small part of their wedding day.

Testimonial from Alex and Cleve

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Alex wrote to tell me their reasons for choosing one of my ketubah designs:

We loved your ketubahs because my fiancé is not Jewish. Most ketubah’s I had seen had very traditional Jewish artwork or looked like they were outdated or came straight from a synagogue. My fiancé loves being outside, so these ketubahs and photography were the perfect choice for us! Your photos are beautiful and something modern yet classic I can actually see hanging in our home forever. I also loved the interfaith passages we could choose from (and so does my Jewish family), and the fact that we could put a line from our song into it to make it truly be ours.

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