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In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

Owen and Karen

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Owen and Julie wanted to share this photo of their ketubah signing.

Bloom Ketubah by Modern Ketubah

Bloom Ketubah by

A Carmel wedding

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Rachel and Ben shared with me these photographs of the ketubah signing at their beautiful wedding at The Highlands Inn in Carmel, California. They chose The White Mountains Ketubah, which is created from my abstract photograph of a sea shell my children found on the shore last summer.

Ketubah by Modern Ketubah

Ketubah by Modern Ketubah

Ketubah by Modern Ketubah

New Jersey supports marriage equality

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At 12:01 this morning, my home state of New Jersey officially began supporting marriage equality. It feels good to live in a state that finally gave up its outdated and limiting concept of love and marriage. Congratulations to all of the brides and grooms!

Read more on the New York Times:

Your artwork will fit our home perfectly

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Jessica shared with me why she and her fiance chose one of my non-traditional ketubah designs:

I really want to hang my Ketubah on my wall as a memory of the wedding, as well as a piece of artwork. While I could not see a regular Ketubah fitting in with our home decor, your artwork will fit in perfectly! We are very modern in style, so your work spoke to us.

Thanks for a unique and perfect ketubah

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After their wedding, Elissa and Chris shared with me:

Just wanted to send you our thanks and gratitude for our beautiful ketubah! We absolutely loved it and got so many compliments on how unique and perfect it was. Thank you for working with us on this beautiful piece of artwork! Thanks again!

It’s always wonderful to see a ketubah I made “in action” like this! Thank you Elissa and Chris for letting me contribute to your special day.


great photography with unique perspectives

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Ira and Aliza wrote to tell me:

We really like the ketubah. If I had a blog or website, I would rave about it! As a photographer I was drawn to your designs because I appreciate great photography with unique perspectives, and that is what drew me in. My fiancee is a visual effects artist and we both appreciated not only the beauty and uniqueness of the work, but also the ability to have it read the way we want.

New Modern Ketubahs for 2013

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I am proud to announce six brand new ketubah designs for 2013. These ketubahs are all created from my fine art photography of dahlias, leaves, and even a sea shell.

Elegance Ketubah

Twin Tulips Ketubah

White Mountains Ketubah

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