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Some testimonials and comments from some of our wonderful customers. You can find more testimonials here.

Michael and Zachary

Michael and Zachary purchased the Iris Ketubah from me, and had this to share: Your work is absolutely beautiful and we are honored to have this as apart of our…  read more

Cindy and Larry

Cindy shared with my with she chose one of my ketubahs for her wedding: I’m an artist myself… since I was a kid I’ve drawn and painted, but my passion…  read more

Testimonial from Alex and Cleve

Alex wrote to tell me their reasons for choosing one of my ketubah designs: We loved your ketubahs because my fiancé is not Jewish. Most ketubah’s I had seen had…  read more

Owen and Karen

Owen and Julie wanted to share this photo of their ketubah signing.

A Carmel wedding

Rachel and Ben shared with me these photographs of the ketubah signing at their beautiful wedding at The Highlands Inn in Carmel, California. They chose The White Mountains Ketubah, which…  read more

Your artwork will fit our home perfectly

Jessica shared with me why she and her fiance chose one of my non-traditional ketubah designs: I really want to hang my Ketubah on my wall as a memory of…  read more

Thanks for a unique and perfect ketubah

After their wedding, Elissa and Chris shared with me: Just wanted to send you our thanks and gratitude for our beautiful ketubah! We absolutely loved it and got so many…  read more

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