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From new designs to text options, let me help explain some of the choices you have when creating your ketubah.

The rose that inspired my ketubahs

Lindsey, a new customer, was just telling me why she and her fiancĂ© chose my Center Ketubah, based on a photograph I took of a rose: My future husband has…  read more

when you have a lot for your ketubah to say

If you want the most personal ketubah, you should consider writing your own words. Or, if you are like Lori and Seth, you can mix and match, combining your own…  read more

New ketubah designs for 2008

I have just released seven new ketubah designs for Modern Ketubah. I created these new ketubahs from my some of my most recent photographs of lilies, roses, wildflowers and leaves….  read more

How much Hebrew should my ketubah have?

A question I often get asked is “How much Hebrew should my ketubah have?”. This party depends on the type of ceremony you are having, and partly on your attitude…  read more

Hiddur mitzvah

In the Jewish tradition “hiddur mitzvah”, it is a mitzvah, a good act, to make religious objects as beautiful as possible. Beautifying these ceremonial objects heightens their spiritual quality, and…  read more

How long does it take to make a ketubah?

One of the most common questions I receive is: How long does it take to make a ketubah? The truth is, you could get one in 30 seconds: just visit…  read more

Ketubot for non-religious ceremonies

Tracy at Fresh Bride added another nice post about my ketubah designs (thank you!), in which she mentioned was how my designs are well-suited for people who are planning a…  read more

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