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New color variations for The Petals Ketubah

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The Petals Ketubah was one of the first ketubah designs I created, and year after year it has proven to be one of the most popular. Something about the soft colors and delicate yet emotive lines of the gerber daisy petals seems to strike a chord in many couples. Due to its popularity, I have decided to release it in two new color variations: pink, and black and white.

The Petals Ketubah is available in ivory (the original), black and white, and pink.

The idea came from a groom’s mother, who called inquiring about the design. Her son’s wedding flower is the pink gerber daisy, so she wondered if it was available in that color. I decided that it made a lot of sense, and quickly created these new variations. Remember that if you don’t see exactly what you are hoping for, it always pays to ask!

To learn more about the design options available, visit The Petals Ketubah.

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