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new design option for Autumn Gold ketubah

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One of my customers emailed recently, wondering if my very popular Autumn Gold Ketubah (which is a vertical design) was also available as a horizontal version. They loved the imagery of the ketubah, but preferred a horizontal ketubah for their home. I thought this was a great idea so I decided to see if I could make it for them. Every ketubah I make is closely connected to the photograph they are based on — whether they are horizontal or vertical depends on the subject of the photograph, and how the text can interact with the artwork. After spending some time reworking the design, I was able to transform the Autumn Gold ketubah into a horizontal ketubah, that I think is just as beautiful as the original.

Autumn Gold Ketubah © Daniel Sroka

The original version of the Autumn Gold Ketubah

Autumn Gold Ketubah © Daniel Sroka

The new horizontal version of the Autumn Gold Ketubah

I am very happy how this turned out, and am pleased to be able to offer this ketubah in both designs. It was also wonderful to be able to help Iris and her fiancé find the perfect ketubah for their home.

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