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sugggestions for framing your ketubah

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The Horizon Ketubah by Modern KetubahElyssa, who purchased the Horizon Ketubah from me just wrote and asked for some advice for framing her ketubah after the ceremony. First of all, I always recommend that you take your ketubah to a local quality frame store. I don’t sell frames myself, since it’d be too expensive to ship them safely, and it would be too hard for me to provide you with the range of options your local frame shop has. Your frame store can provide you with a huge range of materials to choose from. And with their expert advice, you’ll be able to find a frame that will complement both the ketubah and your home’s decor.

Some general advice: When you get your ketubah framed, ask them to treat it like the work of art that it is. Insist that the matt be archival quality, acid-free, and non-buffered. The ketubah should be attached to the matt using art corners or cloth tape. (I do not recommend that you let them dry mount your ketubah, since this cannot be undone.) The glass or plexiglas should have the maximum UV protection available. It may cost more, but the investment will be worth it. Make sure they understand what this ketubah means to you, and that it is irreplaceable.

When chosing the materials for your frame, consider the artwork itself. For the Horizon ketubah, I’d recommend having a white or ivory matt of at least 2-3″ in width, and using a dark wood frame. Since the Horizon ketubah is a macro photograph of a dried leaf, full of tiny details and textures, I believe that the natural grain of a wood frame would bring out that texture much better than metal. A dark wood would complement the darker tones of the ketubah.

I hope this helps. And remember, after you get your framed, I’d love to see a photo of how it looks!

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