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In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

From Deborah and Steve

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“I was personally drawn to your work was because to me it seemed to have a more simple elegance about it that I liked. I also liked the words… I found that really said what I feel in my heart for my husband to be. The ketubah hanging in my home will be the same feeling I have when I look at my wedding ring, it will reconfirm my wedding vows and my commitment.”

Deborah and Steve chose my Center ketubah of a rose.

From Robyn and Roger

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“Yours are truly the only ketubah designs that Roger and I felt we would want to frame and hang in our home. We don’t feel that we will merely be hanging a ketubah in our home, but rather a work of fine art that we love.”

Robyn and Roger chose my Bloom ketubah of a camelia flower.

From Matthew and Kathleen

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“I’m happy to let you know why we were drawn to your artwork rather than “traditional” ketubahs out there — “traditional” is the opposite of what we wanted. The artwork on just about every other ketubah out there looks like it’s straight off of the stained-glass windows of my old synagogue. We are an interfaith couple — so anything with really heavy Jewish symbolism we were going to rule out immediately. We want a home where the representation of our backgrounds are in balance. We were searching for was something we’d be interested in having hanging on our wall even WITHOUT the marriage contract wording on it… we could’ve picked any number of yours.”

Matthew and Kathleen chose my Horizon ketubah of an autumn leaf.

From Christine and Mike

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“We received our beautiful ketubah… I was blown away when I took it out of the package. It is more beautiful than I had imagined.

Being a Catholic girl, I never heard of a ketubah until Mike’s mom mentioned getting one. I began searching the internet for one that would fit the both of us — that both of us liked. I’m Catholic, he’s Jewish, neither are religious; it was not easy. So many ketubahs have religious pictures and neither of us wanted it to be only a religious document. We wanted art. I studied art and photography way back in high school… and immediately fell in love with all of your designs.

I am ecstatic with the results. I want to hang it up now! We both want to thank you for adding to our wedding memories and for giving us something we will cherish always.”

From Sarah and Jason

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“Thank you so much for our Ketubah. We got married on 20 January in Cape Town — Jason is Jewish and I am Christian, so we mixed a few elements of both our religions in the ceremony and this was brilliant. We love having our Ketubah as it is a beautiful reminder of our wonderful day.”

Modern Ketubah - Fire Ketubah

Sarah and Jason chose my Fire ketubah, in the large (15×20) size.

Celebrating my 5th anniversary as a ketubah artist

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This March marks my fifth year of being in business as Modern Ketubah. It’s hard to believe that the time has gone by so quickly! In five years I have created 700 ketubahs for couples across the United States, Canada and the UK. I have make ketubahs for nearly every type of wedding ceremony, including interfaith, reform, conservative, orthodox, same-sex, and special anniversaries. I have met and befriended so many interesting and fun people. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to create something of such deep and personal meaning for so many wonderful people.

It’s been a wonderful journey for me as an artist as well. Modern Ketubah has given me the opportunity to make a living doing what I love to do best: create art. I am truly lucky. Thank you to all of my wonderful customers for making the past 5 years so exciting and fulfilling. And here’s looking to the next 5 years!

(Learn more about how I started Modern Ketubah 5 years ago.)

From Rachel and Ross

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“My wife Rachel and I are thrilled with the ketubah you made for us. We are proudly displaying it in our home.”

Modern Ketubah

Rachel and Ross chose my Fire ketubah of a gerbera daisy.

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