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In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

From Matthew and Kathleen

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“I’m happy to let you know why we were drawn to your artwork rather than “traditional” ketubahs out there — “traditional” is the opposite of what we wanted. The artwork on just about every other ketubah out there looks like it’s straight off of the stained-glass windows of my old synagogue. We are an interfaith couple — so anything with really heavy Jewish symbolism we were going to rule out immediately. We want a home where the representation of our backgrounds are in balance. We were searching for was something we’d be interested in having hanging on our wall even WITHOUT the marriage contract wording on it… we could’ve picked any number of yours.”

Matthew and Kathleen chose my Horizon ketubah of an autumn leaf.

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