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New texts for interfaith couples

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Modern Ketubah is proud to now offer interfaith couples three new texts written specifically for them. I have written these new texts to honor how an interfaith marriage represents the coming together of two traditions, a merging of two different families into one new, stronger one. Here are a sample of what each new Interfaith text says:

  • Interfaith 1: “Our lives are now forever intertwined. Our similarities will bind us, our differences will enrich us, and our love will define us.”
  • Interfaith 2: “We approach this ketubah as two individuals with different backgrounds and individual lives, but shall leave it as one couple, one family, joined in love and commitment to each other.”
  • Interfaith 3: “We will create a home built on the foundations of our traditions, and nurtured by the values of our families.”

Learn about all of the options you have available for your interfaith ketubah. To read these new texts, visit my page on text options for your ketubah and choose Interfaith 1, Interfaith 2, or Interfaith 3 from the menu for English texts.

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