The Modern Ketubah Blog

In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

From Deborah and Steve

“I was personally drawn to your work was because to me it seemed to have a more simple elegance about it that I liked. I also liked the words… I…  read more

From Robyn and Roger

“Yours are truly the only ketubah designs that Roger and I felt we would want to frame and hang in our home. We don’t feel that we will merely be…  read more

From Matthew and Kathleen

“I’m happy to let you know why we were drawn to your artwork rather than “traditional” ketubahs out there — “traditional” is the opposite of what we wanted. The artwork…  read more

From Christine and Mike

“We received our beautiful ketubah… I was blown away when I took it out of the package. It is more beautiful than I had imagined. Being a Catholic girl, I…  read more