Marissa and Bryan's African Lily Ketubah by Modern Ketubah. Photo by Christina Frances Photography.

Marissa and Bryan chose our 'African Lily Ketubah'. Photo by Christina Frances Photography.

Modern Ketubah are works of art that celebrate your wedding through the beautiful nature photography of Daniel Sroka. We specialize in creating ketubahs for couples from all religions and cultures, including interfaith, Jewish, multicultural and same-sex.

"Our ketubah is so beautiful it literally makes me cry." — Brooke and Jez   Read more

About the art & artist: Our ketubahs are works of art created from the beautiful abstract nature photography of Daniel Sroka, an award-winning artist and designer with over 25 years of experience. Since Modern Ketubah is 100% artist-owned and managed, you will get to work directly with the artist to create your ketubah. And Daniel is in an interfaith marriage, so all of our ketubahs are designed for non-traditional or interfaith weddings.