New Modern Ketubah designs, inspired by nature

I am proud to announce these new ketubah designs for 2017, created from my latest fine art photography of nature.

The Leaf Water Ketubah

The Leaf Water Ketubah was created from a photograph of a leaf floating down a quickly moving stream, as the light reflecting off the ripples in the water.

The Floating Ketubah

The Floating Ketubah features a photograph of a leaf, floating in the air as if caught in a sudden breeze.

The Sunflower Ketubah

The Sunflower Ketubah features an abstract photograph of the petals of a sunflower, moving like a flame.

The Winter Sea Ketubah

The Winter Sea Ketubah features a photograph of melting ice that creates the feeling of an ocean wave.

The Radiance Ketubah

The Radiance Ketubah is a very abstract design, featuring a photograph leaf that appears to be ablaze with the heat and colors of summer.