Creating a ketubah all your wedding guests can sign

A ketubah that has been signed by all guests at the wedding.

Most ketubahs are just signed by a few people: the bride, groom, officiant and a couple witnesses. But sometimes you want everyone at the wedding to sign: whether you are following an an old tradition like the Quaker wedding ceremony, a new tradition like the Foundation Covenant for same-sex couples, or you just like the idea. It can be a unique reminder of the fun of your wedding day.

How to do it

Every one of my ketubahs can be made to give room for everyone attending the wedding to sign. When you place your order, just select the Standard Sized ketubah, and the in the Signatures section of the order form, select the option to "print on larger paper" (it costs just $15 extra). I will then print your ketubah on a larger 17" x 22" sheet of fine art paper, giving everyone enough room to sign. I'll check with you by email to see if you want the ketubah centered on the paper, or offset at the top.

Getting the signatures

During the reception, have a table set aside near the entrace for people to come over and sign the ketubah. Be sure to provide your own pens (here's my recommendation), so no one tries to sign with their leaky ball-point or sharpie. I recommend that you assign someone to help out at the beginning, making sure no one spills champagne or tries to do a huge "John Hancock" on your ketubah.