Marissa and Bryan's African Lily Ketubah by Modern Ketubah. Photo by Christina Frances Photography.

Marissa and Bryan chose our 'African Lily Ketubah'. Photo by Christina Frances Photography.

Modern Ketubah are works of art that celebrate your wedding with the abstract fine art nature photography of Daniel Sroka.

I specialize in creating ketubahs for non-traditional couples from any religion and background: interfaith, Jewish, same-sex, and multicultural weddings.

“Our ketubah is unique, romantic, modern and elegant; more than I had expected!” — Heather and Abraham    Read More testimonials

Hello, I'm the artist, Daniel Sroka.  I'm a fine art photographer and designer, and have been creating ketubahs for non-traditional weddings since 2003. I made my first ketubah for my own wedding, when my fiancée and I were looking for a ketubah that was both meaningful to our interfaith wedding and an actual work of art we would want in our home. Being an artist, I decided to create it myself, and have been making ketubahs ever since.

Modern Ketubah is an artist-owned business, so you will work directly with the artist (me) to create your ketubah. My ketubahs are fine art prints identical to those I sell to galleries and collectors, and designed specifically for interfaith and non-traditional more