Choose the perfect text for your Ketubah

What your ketubah says is as important as how it looks. I have written a wide variety of English and Hebrew texts, from traditional to modern, that you can use with any of my ketubah designs. Mix and match these texts to create a ketubah that says exactly what you want. If you don't see a text you like, just ask and we can work together to make something uniquely you.

Choose from our English and Hebrew texts

Most ketubahs will have both an English and a Hebrew text, or they will just have the text in English. See our texts below, and combine then in any way you'd like to suit your needs. Your names and information will be added to the text for no extra charge.

Choose a Hebrew text:

And an English text:

Or, write your own text for your ketubah

For a most personal and unique ketubah, I can incorporate your own words or vows into your ketubah:

  • Make changes to one of my texts: Add $0-35
    If you like one of my English texts, but want to make the wording a little different, you can make small changes for free, or you can change or add up to two sentences for $35.
  • Write your own English Text: Add $75
    If you know exactly what you want your ketubah to say, you can write your own custom English text, and I will professionally typeset it into your ketubah.
  • Custom Hebrew translation: Add $75
    If you are writing your own English text, I have it professionally and beautifully translated into Hebrew.

Change the poetic verse of your ketubah

The "poetic verse" is the large phrase in English and Hebrew that appears in the design.

You can change this verse to any of the ones used on my other designs:

(Note that the author's name will not appear on your ketubah.)

You can have also this phrase be in English and Hebrew (which is the default) or change it to be just English, or just Hebrew.

Customize the signature lines and labels

Each ketubah starts off with space for five signatures at the bottom, for the Bride, Groom, Rabbi/Officiant, and two Witnesses. If you'd like, you can:

  • add one or two more signature lines (for additional officiants or witnesses), or have no signatures
  • change the labels of the signature lines to match your needs, for example:


We always send you a proof!

It is important to get the text of your ketubah exactly right. That is why it is our policy to always email you a proof of your ketubah before we print it. Our detailed proofs let you review and approve everything. This way, you know you'll get the exact ketubah you ordered. No Charge

Looking for something else?

Is there something specific you want your ketubah to say, that I don't offer in any of my texts? Then please let me know. I'm always looking to add new texts, and would love to hear your suggestions.