Benefits of buying your ketubah direct from the artist

Modern Ketubah is an artist owned and operated store. This means that you will be buying your ketubah directly from the person who makes it, ensuring the highest quality and the best service.

A direct, personal relationship

This is my business, my art, my livelihood. I consider your order a personal relationship, which I honor by doing my best to make the experience of buying a ketubah straight-forward and stress-free.

An original work of art, made just for you

Many ketubot you find are mass-produced, with your names filled in later by hand. However when you purchase a ketubah from me, you are buying a work of fine art created specifically for you. I professionally design and print your ketubah in my own studio. I use the same exacting standards I use for the art I sell in galleries, derived from my years of experience as a fine artist and designer.

Straight answers, more options

Because you'll be working directly with the artist, and not a middle-man, you'll get straight and informed answers. Looking for something a little different? Just ask! Is your wedding coming up fast? I'll know if I can fit it into my schedule.

You will always get a proof

I will always send you a proof of your ketubah before I print it, showing you exactly how it will look with all of your information and options. This gives you a chance to review it, consult with your parents or rabbi, and make sure everything is correct before you receive this most-important document.

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