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In this blog I discuss what goes into creating fine art wedding ketubah, as well as ideas about wedding ceremonies and traditions, and answer some of the questions and comments from the couples I've worked with.

ketubahs unite everyone in a circle of celebration

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This weekend I heard from the rabbi who performed the wedding for one of my couples. Here’s her more-than-kind words:

I support your commitment to making the ketubah a living and meaningful experience for contemporary couples who want the tradition to speak to their circumstance and honor and celebrate their shared sensibilities.

I love how your ketubahs work to unite everyone from different backgrounds into a united circle of celebration, so that by the time the wedding processional lines up, we are all of one heart and all “on the same page” — because you designed something which in image and word reflects the joint vision of the couple and serves as the most elegant expression of their mission statement and noble aspiration as individuals and as a couple.

There is no amount of family therapy or verbal “sharing” that compares to the uplifting dynamic of your ketubah, and how it’s energy speaks to each and every heart in just the way that it needed at that particularly sensitive moment. Thank you always for how you made the wedding ceremony joyous by giving it a context and a goal, and a way to include those who are dearest to the couple whose ceremony unites them and by extension all of those gathered.

With much appreciation for your thoughtfulness and ongoing commitment to the love story of each couple whose trust you honor,
Rabbi Green

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