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Best advice for your wedding day

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I want to share with you a bit of advice my wife and I were given on our wedding day. After months of frantic planning, the day had finally arrived., not without a little stress. A good friend of ours pulled us aside. She told us to take a moment in the middle of the reception, to stop worrying about which tables you visited or if the dessert tray was on time. Instead, go to the edge of the hall, and just watch the party for a few minutes. Look at all of your friends and family, gathered together, and having fun. Take a moment to realize how much they are enjoying this event that you created together.

That’s it, that’s the advice. And it was the best advice we had. As my wife and I realized, a wedding is the only party when the guest of honor is expected to do all the planning — but never forget that YOU are the guest of honor, not the host. Once the day comes, forget all the plans, and be sure to relax, breathe, and enjoy the day.

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