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Some testimonials and comments from some of our wonderful customers. You can find more testimonials here.

Exactly what we were looking for

I often ask my customers why they choose one of my designs for their ketubah. Here’s one response from Julie and Stephen: We searched and looked around and all the…  read more

Adding so much beauty

This morning I received this wonderful email from one of my customers: (Our ketubah) is so beautiful! Mike and I read it to each other and it took everything I…  read more

A ketubah for the renewal of vows

I received another wonderful email from a customer of mine: My husband and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ketubah. We were using your ketubah for our…  read more

The ketubah is the first thing to hang in your new home

I recently received the nicest emails from a customer of mine: It’s been almost a year since you’ve heard from us but I had to follow up with you. Recently,…  read more

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