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Some testimonials and comments from some of our wonderful customers. You can find more testimonials here.

From Shelby and Daniel

“While I did research for the wedding, I came across the Jewish tradition of ketubbot. Even though Daniel and I are non-Jews, we both loved the custom. We wanted to…  read more

a memorable part of our wedding

Katie sent me this sweet photograph from her ketubah signing ceremony, along with the note: “I wanted to thank you so much for designing our beautiful ketubah! We absolutely love…  read more

From Beth and Chris

Here are a couple sweet photographs from Beth and Chris’ ketubah signing: Beth and Chris chose my Autumn Gold ketubah of a Japanese maple leaf.

The ketubah was a huge hit!

Nicole and Jonathan sent me these beautiful photos of their ketubah signing, saying “We want you to know that the Ketubah was a huge hit — everyone loved it! Thank…  read more

Someone with good design sense is making a ketubah

One of my clients, Jill, wrote something that made me laugh: Your designs are not all “Chagall and primary colors and Judaica” art. That is not our style. So when…  read more

Struck by the beauty

Here’s a wonderful email I got from Tara and Steven, about why they chose one of my ketubah designs for their wedding: I did A LOT of research online only…  read more

You just put a smile on my face

Cora emailed me a couple weeks ago seeing if I had enough time to create their ketubah for their June wedding. When I said yes, she replied: You just put…  read more

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