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Conservative Rabbis rule on gay unions

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standard, which provides guidance to the Conservative Judaism movement, made a ruling on accepting gay Rabbis and on recognizing gay unions. It was a…  read more

Press Release: Modern Twist on a Wedding Tradition

I just released the following press release about Modern Ketubah. Artist Creates a Modern Twist on an Old Wedding Tradition: Fine art photographer Daniel Sroka creates unique wedding certificates that…  read more

Modern Ketubah at Fresh Bride

I recently got a nice mention on the blog Fresh Bride, in a post called “Ketubahs with Love“. The site is run by ceremony designer Tracy Masington. Her blog offers…  read more

Modern Ketubah interview in The Jewish Week

I was recently interviewed for an article in The Jewish Week about contemporary trends in ketubah designs. Interviews are fun to do because they give you a chance to talk…  read more

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