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Occupy my life

A man taking part in Occupy Wall Street proposes to his girlfriend using the “human microphone”. Very sweet! What is the human microphone, you ask? Since bullhorns are not allowed,…  read more

New York approves Gay Marriage

Kudos to New York for recognizing that marriage is simply about two people who love each other, committing to a life together. And congratulations to all of the couples who…  read more

More non-Jewish couples are getting a ketubah

J Weeky, the Jewish news weekly for Northern California, published an article about non-Jewish couples who are choosing to have a ketubah and featured Modern Ketubah, and our wonderful customers…  read more

Celebrating eight years of creating ketubahs

This March marked my eighth year of being in business as Modern Ketubah. What started as a simple idea back in 2003, took off and has become a major part…  read more

artist-in-residence at the Miraval Resort

This month I had the honor to be one of the first artist-in-residence at the prestigious Miraval Arizona Resort in Tucson. My art has been displayed at the Resort for…  read more

running an eco-friendly ketubah business

It is important for everyone to do their part to help preserve our environment. As a small business owner, I work hard to make sure that my business’s carbon footprint…  read more

Named nominee in the Photography Masters Cup

My photography has been nominated in the prestigious international competition The Photography Masters Cup. It is always an honor to be recognized like this, especially when the other nominees are…  read more

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